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Put the box over your head and get your partner to take the pencil and draw a circle where your arms should go on both of the sides of the box. The arm holes should be as equal as possible. Take the box off and cut out the holes.

You must always make your vintage unique. You should interpret your attire and refer it as to some specific epoch. You may apply embroidery or laces, pick up the right hairstyle+makeup and only then you will be able to hear: "you look vintageous". There is only one rule tgirls visor cap should be followed: the suit should fit like a glove. And when you see your reflection in the mirror and something disturbs you: abandon that idea or try to redo your attire.

Railroads have been a significant part of the Seattle/Tacoma metropolitan region for over a century. So has the ability of the ships of the sea bringing us goods to be shipped by the railroads across our vast land. However, a man made disaster has begun because of bad management and the lack of foresight.

cap Iran will continue to flout UN resolutions. Iranian dissidents will continue to be brutalized while the country works toward a workable nuclear weapon. Meaningful sanctions will continue to elude passage thanks to Iran's partnership with Russia. A larger regional war with Iran is likely in the long term, but unless Israel or the US launches an attack on Iranian nuclear facilities, I doubt that it will happen in 2010.

Officials of Shell oil warned the government back in 2000 of the risk of such a catastrophe when drilling below deep waters. The Miami Herald announced that the Shell plan read, "Regaining well control in deep water may be a problem since it could require the operator to cap and control well flow at the seabed in greater water depths ... and could require simultaneous firefighting efforts at the surface". This whole situation seems so uncontrollable it is concerning the general public and making us question what the ramifications will be should it continue to leak.

The younger the player and the earlier in the development stage, the more likely I will explain what I'm calling and why I'm calling fouls. Because the majority of the fouls at a younger age can be blamed on the clumsiness of the players; asking the players to calm down is an easy thing to do. When a young player asks, it is very easy to let them know why.

Seven years ago all collections of TOP designers from Dolce and Gabbana to Alexander McQueen boosted the fashion industry with neovintage collections. And even coming 2012 year will promise to be neo-vintageous. Have a look at new fashion line of Dsquared. It looks as if hippie of the late 60's and early 70's returned. All gals on their runways looked vintageous. Glimpse at Marc by Marc Jacobs and you will see the late 70's and the early 80's. Models' transparent looked like those of my mummy's in 1984. And the attires gave a match to the chosen line. Jean Paul Gautier also presented the new collection inspired with the 30's and 40's. You needn't be a fashion critics or a historian to understand all these trends and tendencies.

Therefore, you would better to wear a light green hat as you play tennis in the blazing sun. Do not expose your breast to play tennis, it is impolite and bad for your skin.