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One of the bedrocks of the mobile home park as an investment vehicle is the inability for most customers to ever leave. At a cost of around $4,000 to move a mobile home from point A to point B, few tenants can afford to move out even if they are unhappy with the product or the price. This "locked-in" tenant base is what allows park owners to enjoy phenomenally stable revenue figures even in major recessions.

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Create some games that are geared to your theme. Good ones typically will involve Dr. Doofenshmirtz doing something like having a scavenger hunt. You can tell your guests that Doofenshmirtz has hidden the clues with his Hide-and-Seek-A-Nator and you need to help Perry find the clues and foil the doctor's evil plans. Or how about pin the hat on Perry? If you watch a bunch of episodes you can really get some good ideas for other different activities and party games.

There is an extremely large and fluid secondary market on mobile homes, in which homes often sell for as low as $1,000. These homes are made available by private owners as well as mobile home park owners and lenders through repossessions. Consumers can access these homes through traditional newspaper classifieds, signs on mobile home park frontage, and word of mouth. When you factor in this secondary market, the price per square foot drops to as low as $1 per foot. Mobile homes are, without question, the least expensive form of detached housing.